Thursday, May 24, 2007

What the HELL did I eat before I went to sleep?

Ever have a dream so incredibly wacky that you are convinced that it is signaling the end of the world? Yeah, me neither until last night.

Remember my previous wacky dream? This one was weirder.

It starts out with Steve and I going on a cruise (again with the cruise). We are driving separate cars (probably because I have packed so many shoes there is no room for poor Steve in the car). Steve discovers that the neighbors dog, a Jack Russell, is in his car, so we both have to go back to return the dog. This especially difficult for me because I am the one hauling the horse trailer (again, probably filled with shoes). We return the dog, but we have missed the boat. So we decide that we will spend the night a local shop, kind of a bed-bath-clothes-etc place. It is not designed to serve as a hotel but what the hell.

We are getting settled in when Bishop Chane calls and he is upset. Now I love the Bish - he is a hoot. He plays drums in his own band called the Chane gang - for real this is not part of the dream. Anyway, he is upset that we are staying in this shop. He thinks that we have invited everyone that was on the boat to camp out with us. (I don't know if this was the Episcopal Thrift shop at this particular port of call or not. Why the Bish would give a flying flip is beyond me.) We assure him that it's just the two of us and he is placated.

I proceed to get ready for bed and decide to take a shower. Only I can't because Orville Redenbacher is sitting in a chair in the shower.

So we have an ongoing theme with the boat and animals involved on the way to the boat. Clearly this means something. I just hope that what it doesn't mean is that I am terminally and irreversibly crazy.

Or that I have a secret cruch on Orville Redenbacher. Which, when one thinks about it, is the exact same thing.


upwiththesun said...

possibly you are the next Noah...or Noah-ette. Boats and animals??? Be sure to take the popcorn.

Erin said...

Yeah, I think its a flood dream. Soon you will be asked to build an ark, but it will be like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams.

"If you build it, it waill rain..."

Dad on the East Coast said...

I am now the one who is perplexed. Should I begin wearing a football helmet to bed as the wild swinging arms are next or... should it be a life vest to prepare for the flood? This will cause one's sleep to be strained if one allows it.

upwiththesun said...

I'd love to see the picture of Teeb asleep in the football helmet and life vest.