Friday, April 13, 2007

And what kind of day are you having?

I thought I was having a good one, but then Blogger ate my previous post. Apparently it was not blogger worthy, and therefore, was banished. That's OK - it really wasn't some of my better work.

Speaking of work, I am back at the grindstone today. The only thing that is making it bearable is that I have lots of Tito Puente on my iTunes today. That, and the fact that it is Friday the 13th so I am giving all the therapists a rash of stuff about all of the crazies they will have tonight while they are on call. They come in here to dance around to my Tito music and, so, I must abuse them. It's the price they pay for basking in my hipness (in reality, it is the price they pay for basking in Tito's hipness. I am merely hip by association).

Unfortunate Sharpie Girl actually came in and told me that she was glad I was back and seem to be feeling better. AND she did not have on her fake pony tail thing today and I complimented her on her hair (that whole positive reinforcement crap don't you know). She seemed somewhat pleased and left before saying anything that made me want to rip her lips off. SUCCESS!!!! By this time next year she will be an elegant young woman with impecible taste and class - my own little Eliza Doolittle!!!


Erin said...

I always enjoy a good lip ripping before lunch.

tigerdrea said...

Just goes to show that the whole positive reinforcement thing isn't crap at all. At least I hope not as it will probably be my life. Animal and kid trainer and all that.

TransplantedOkie said...

It usually does pique the appetite does it not?