Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just for my little friend Abby

Professional Mini Heated Lash Curler
This can't-live-without lash innovation is perfect for curling stubborn straight lashes anytime, anywhere.

Simply turn on, wait 15 seconds, place comb directly onto lash line above lashes, gently lift and comb lashes into the desired shape (as you would with a mascara brush), hold for one or two seconds, then release. Repeat across lashline until the desired effect is achieved.

Just in case the hair dryer thing doesn't pan out.

Are you taking Friday off to attend this most monumental moment in Memphis history?


Abby said...

Nope, the Chicago Board of Trade is closed on Friday so I don't have to go to work anyway. I did RSVP to go to the pre-opening party Thursday night! I'm really excited.

Erin said...


Abby said...

I know, it's an exciting day.