Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WANTED: Nursemaid

Wanted: one nursemaid for 46 year old big baby

Qualifications: Must be able to withstand pitiful whining about not feeling good. Ability magically appear with a new kleenex box and a glass of orange juice a plus. Shark soup preparation non-negotiable. (if you do not know what shark soup is, please do not apply)

Education: MD required as patient is clearly a delicate flower; unless you are my mom or husband. Then you have the innate ability to make it all better.

Salary: my undying gratitude. In the case of Steve Seely, turn about is fair play.

Fax resume and 37 references to BR549, attention Big Whiny Baby.


Anonymous said...

I'm reduced to "Anonymous" by I know the magic words - and how to make the very best "shark" soup - I'll make a " house call" as soon as it is a decent hour

Dad on the East Coast said...

Big Whiny Baby?

TransplantedOkie said...

If I could talk, I would be whining - hence Big Whiny Baby

Erin said...

Shark Soup. Yum.