Saturday, April 07, 2007

Strange and wonderous things to behold here in Southern Maryland

We woke up today to 2 inches of snow. While this is a boon for those seeking brightly colored eggs, it does not bode well for the super fantastic leopard peep toe wedges that I was planning to wear with my Easter ensemble. Yeah, that's right... Lent is OVER baby!

On to other sights that amazed and confounded:

Yesterday while driving through La Plata, minding my business like I always do, I saw something that was at the same time hilarious and very sad: a gentleman on a Hover-round going through the drive through window at the liquor store. I am choosing to think that he does not do this on a daily basis, just for special celebrations throughout the year. Because if I thought this man hovered to the brew through on a daily basis it would make me very sad indeed.

Abby, I am waiting on pins and needles for the Sephora report - don't leave me hanging!


upwiththesun said...

We had snow yesterday too! But none of it stuck, thank you God. I'll still be wearing my new pink polka-dot wedges (no, no one has taken over my body!), but I may have my cuddle duds on under my Easter dress!!

I wish we had brew-thru here. It would be fun just to sit and watch the people go through it!

TransplantedOkie said...

Who ARE you?! I am so proud of your super fantastic shoe purchase!!

I know about the brew through thing...I am sure that I could become THAT weird lady that watches the comings and goings all day because it is, quite simply, fascinating.

Abby said...

You will be happy to note that I have published my Sephora trip report. Please take a look at my findings!